David Tavčar (born in 1993 in Ljubljana) is a Slovenian born designer based between Ljubljana/Slovenia and Vienna/Austria.

He has studied at the Design academy Eindhoven and at the University of applied arts in Vienna where in 2016 he has graduted cum laude from industrial design. After winning a surface design competition organized by the REWE group in 2013 he has established himself as a freelance designer collaborationg with brands such as Artemide, Leitner Leinen, Porzellan Manufaktur Augarten, Different eyewear and Lukacs Laszlo footwear. Tavčar's industrial design practice focuses on a research of the traditional crafts and industrial production techniques and uses that as a response on the current market demands. In February 2019 he has launched his own independant home textiles collection and production.


David Tavčar - Samozaposleni v kulturi, oblikovalec, Štrekljeva ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 (0)31 597 688

DŠ: 71505555
MŠ: 2589087000
IBAN SI56 0214 0128 6731 188
NLB d.d.
Trg republike 2, 1520 Ljubljana


I have a great respect for anyone who has the ability to accomplish his/hers responsibilities.

As a trained industrial designer I am an admirer of objects, not most necessary because of their beauty but because of the range of responsibilities and duties that come with the creation, production and care of every single object ever being made.


My drawing is a linear drawing and I see it as a derivate of the technical drawing that I was taught in the beginning of my education, I love the economy of a linear drawing, the idea of telling as much as possible with as little of surface being given. I've always admired the precision and harmony of an architectural plan, where everything is supposed to fit together at the end, as much as I've always fancied the small mistakes one can sometimes find in them. I see the pigment as a precious material and want to use as little of it as it is possible while giving the final consumer a full story. I often work monochrome, I see that as a challenge but must admit that I’ve always liked the idea of everyone having a favourite colour and being able to choose an item of my creation. Being an object and history ''fetishist'' my drawings often depict a variety of objects and subjects from different times put together, not necessary in order to give the final consumer a lecture but maybe to make him laugh and give him pleasure.


2014-2017 MA of Industrial design
Studio Anab Jain, University of applied arts,
Vienna, Austria

2015-2016 BA public/private Design Academy Eindhoven,
Eindhoven, Netherlands

2011-2014 BA of Industrial design Studio Paolo Piva,
University of applied arts, Vienna, Austria

2007-2011 Gimnazija Bežigrad, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Tafel Obelisk, purchsed in 2014, Schloss Museum Hof, Schlosshof, Austria

Alchemie seater, purchased in 2015,
ORIS kuča arhitekture, Zagreb, Croatia


2019 ‘‘Ad mensam’’ at Hollenegg Schloss for design, Hollenegg, Austria

2019 “100% we are open” at BASE Milano at Milano Mobile, Milan, Italy

2019 ‘‘Talents’’ at Frankfurt, Ambiente, Frankfurt, Germany

2017 ‘‘Dessin-design’’-solo show at Vienna design week, Vienna, Austria

2017 ‘‘Essence 2017’’ -Alte Post Wien, Vienna, Austria

2016 Passionswege:Petitpoint Manufaktur Maria Stransky + David Tavčar,
Vienna design week, Vienna, Austria

2016 Milano Mobile fuori salone-WKO Austria exhibition-Back ahead at Villa Necchi Campiglio, Milan, Italy

2016 ‘‘David Tavčar:Oberflaechen’’
 Vienna design week office, Vienna, Austria

2015 Grafična pomlad, Maribor, Slovenia

2015 Linzer Design Salon, Linz, Austria

2015 Month of design, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2015 Dutch Design Week 2015 HOME & AWAY 25 MATCHES A YEAR...,
Eindhoven, Netherlands

2015 Essence 2015-Kunstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria

2015 »Angewandt & Alltäglich. Zeitgenössisches Design aus Österreich«
Anlässlich des 60-jährigen Jubiläums des Österreichischen Kulturforum,
Zagreb, Croatia

2015 Milano Mobile fuori salone - La Pelota; Austrian design Pioneers,
Milan, Italy

2014 Artemide Vienna, Artemide Lighting, Vienna, Austria

2014 BIO 50 installation at Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2014‘’Stoff Wechsel’’ at the MAK Vienna

2014 and at the Augarten Porzellan museum, Vienna, Austria

2014 ‘’Wiener Souvenir Ausstellung’’ in Wien Museum, Vienna, Austria

2013 Digital design installation in Museumsquartier Vienna,
Vienna, Austria

2013 Newgen Design Exhibition at Beijing Design week, Beijing, China

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles